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First time becoming a Mother

June 05, 2019 4 min read

The First Four Post-Partum Phase Of A New Mother.

There are so many exciting things about being a nursing mother, but while the idea of being one is quite exciting, there are some things that one needs to take in caution, especially before you welcome your cute little baby into this earthly sojourn. It must be noted that while it is glamorous to have your baby bump shots, taking adorable pictures with your baby, the first ten days after your delivery is one that should be treated with utmost delicacy. The reason is not farfetched from the fact that at that point in time, the child is in a very delicate phase and this could also be affiliated with anything that involves the health care of such a child.

This is what leads us to the perfect guide after you must have put to bed. They include the following:

The perfect guides for the first Four post-partum phase of a new mother

How to hold your child:

There is a whole lot of mushiness that comes with the new birth of a child and for this reason, one might be compelled to touch and carry the child from time to time. It is what nursing mother’s do and it is very fundamental to the health care of such a child. New studies have indicated that carrying a child for long hours of the day helps such a child to grow and also helps the child to refrain from crying. This way the child can rest and the mother too can.

 What is actually very crucial in this wise is the best way to carry such a child, bearing in mind the fact that the body parts of such a child are very fragile. The best way to carry a new born baby is to support the head and neck of such a child with your shoulders while you carry the child. The reason is because the bones of a new child are fragile and while they grow older, a little support could mean so much.

The Clean-up of a newborn child:

 While the internal organs of the child are fragile, the body of the child is also twice as fragile and one has to be careful, especially at that point when the cord of the child has not finally healed up. At the early point of the child’s birth, it would be advisable to lay the child on a soft towel which would support the head of such a child and also the limb region. While this is done, you clean the face and the parts of the eyes of the child with the use of a cotton ball which is dipped in water. Go ahead to clean all of the parts of the child’s body with cotton bud and cotton ball respectively but the umbilical stump should be cleaned with surgical spirit which was dipped into the cotton ball.

 Changing the new baby’s nappy:

If there is anything that nursing new mother’s wouldn’t believe, it is with the whole idea of changing the baby’s nappy and how many times this has to be done on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, it is advisable to prepare a lot of nappies ahead of your child birth situation. While you change your baby’s nappy, you need to make sure that you do not leave your baby alone, so that you don’t expose the child to domestic dangers while you go around looking for nappies and also the other things that the baby needs to feel comfortable. As a matter of fact, it should be noted that for the purpose of making the baby comfortable, you need to keep the nappies, the baby wipes, the disposable bag for disposing soiled nappy, the petroleum jelly and enough clothes very close to the baby’s cradle. This is to enable that all of the things that your baby needs are close to where you need to change the clothing of the baby.

How to comfort your baby:

 It is only normal that a new baby cries up to three or four times in a month. Medically this can be understood, but it must be noted that in a bid to comfort the child, one needs to deduce the cause of discomfort. Is it the fact that the baby is triggered by environmental factors? Does the baby have a cold? Has the baby peed on his body? All of these are possible reasons why your child feels uncomfortable. While these are possible areas of discomfort, it would interest you to find out yourself, but a stated fact that is well known to nursing mothers is the fact that you can easily carry your child in your shoulders while you pat his or her back gently, or you speak in the language that is soft in a bid to make the child comfortable. 

Feeding a new born baby:

While it is advisable to feed a new born child with breast milk at the inception of the child’s birth, it should be noted that there are exceptional circumstances when it would not be advisable to do so because of possible health conditions. In this kind of situation, you might need to speak to your midwife in other to know the best way to feed a way without the use of the breast milk. While that is said, it should be noted that when breastfeeding a child, the best bet is to hold on to the child while you fix the nipples of the succulent breast in the child’s mouth. Asides the benefits that come with breastfeeding the child, the act of breastfeeding helps to increase the bond between mother and child.


These are but a few steps that could help you when your new baby comes in. However, it must be noted that when you have your child, it might be needed to speak to your doctor from time to time, especially if you are in a dilemma as regards what is going on with such a child.

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