About Us


As a mom of 3, I know how expensive it can be buying clothes for our kids. After all, you practically need a whole new wardrobe for every kid, every season and every growth spurt!

When my daughter was born, I looked online to find unique designs that I couldn't find in the major department stores. I loved so many of the items I found in online boutiques but I was quite sticker-shocked. I just couldn't justify paying such high prices when I knew she would outgrow them so quickly.

I started this company shortly after, at the beginning of 2018, because I wanted to be able to offer families modern, high quality and unique children's wear at an affordable price.

The way we've been able to do this is to ship direct from the manufacturers. This allows us to not only cut down on all the excess packaging but affords us to save tremendously on shipping costs which we reflect in our pricing.

All of our items are sourced from reputable suppliers in China, Europe and the US. Although, there are many upsides to this business model like significant savings, there are some draw backs as well. Our packaging is pretty standard and not what most would come to expect from a luxury boutique. We are also not (as of yet) able to add our branding materials to our items which definitely makes it more challenging to build our brand awareness. We find this to be of less importance to our customers who appreciate the quality of our products and the affordability.

Since we do not physically handle each piece before it is shipped, we back up all of our products with a very simple Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back promise. If an issue ever arises, we do not have an automated return process. I personally work with any customer who has concerns until they are completely satisfied.

I take great pride in our family business for many reasons. One is because it's part of my family and our legacy. Another is because I see it as so much more than just beautiful children's items. I know our products are being worn by, played and snuggled with by the most precious gifts on Earth. Which is why I take great care to only select high quality and safe products for our shop. Products that I use and give to my own children.

Part of why I love this business so much is because I get to connect with other moms and families all over the country. Please reach out to me personally jonelle@bittybottybaby.com if you ever have any questions, concerns, feedback or just to say hi or have a chat. You can also connect with us on Instagram or Facebook, we'd really love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoy our thoughtfully curated collections.

Thank you for supporting our family business!


Much love and appreciation,


Jonelle Caddy 
Owner | Bitty Botty Baby Boutique